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Excerpt from Shape Magazine online, June 2016


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, do the circuit described below and shown in the video above. The first week, you'll do ten reps of each exercise. The second week, you'll do twelve reps, and by week three, you'll do fifteen. You'll do the circuit twice each day. Finally, by week four, you'll do fifteen reps of each exercise, and increase to three circuits total. Warm up with a couple of minutes of dynamic stretches—anything like plank walk-outs, lunges with rotation, and skips do the job. 

Fill the rest of your week with two to three days of 25 minutes of high­ intensity cardio intervals. Run, cycle, row—whichever you prefer. Start with a five­-minute warm-­up at an easy, steady pace, then alternate 30­-second bursts of all­-out effort with 30 seconds of recovery at a moderate pace for 15 minutes. Last, hold a moderate pace for three minutes, then cool down for two minutes. Take a day off each week. Do this routine for four weeks.

You'll need: A set of 5­, 8­, or 10­ pound dumbbells. For the second half of the month, try to use heavier weights than what you started with.

Figure-four Raise


Stand on right leg with left knee bent out to side and ankle crossed above right knee, holding a weight in each hand, arms by sides to start.


Shift hips back, bending right knee to lower into figure-four position as you raise straight arms forward with palms down to shoulder height. Return to start. That’s 1 rep. Switch sides; repeat.

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