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Vitamins & Supplements: Coral LLC® CellEnergy H2 and Mag Fizz


Supplements deliver molecular hydrogen, magnesium and potassium to help boost body’s performance


Help boost the body’s ability to perform and recover with Coral LLC CellEnergy H2 and Mag Fizz – two important supplements that may help support a healthy active lifestyle. 




Coral CellEnergy H2 harnesses the buzzed-about benefits of molecular hydrogen (H2), an ultra-petite and mobile molecule that offers the greatest bioavailability of any nutrient. Shown to exert a beneficial effect on approximately 150 different disease models, it alsohas been reported to improve physical performance and recovery time and assist with chronic inflammation.

            Additionally, due to its ability to eliminate free radicals at the source, H2 has been shown to reduce oxidative stress, which can result from intense athletic training or performance and lead to disease. Coral CellEnergy H2 combines the remarkable properties of molecular hydrogen with essential bioavailable calcium – plus 73 other minerals – all harvested from above-sea, EcoSafe™ coral.

MSRP: $59.99 for 60 caplets (a two-month supply).




















Coral Mag Fizz is a tasty beverage enhancer that provides an ideal daily measure of magnesium and potassium, a powerful essential mineral duo known to provide muscle cramp relief. When added to water, the effervescent, lemon-lime-flavored supplement delivers 300 mg of magnesium and 500 mg of potassium.


Magnesium is known to play an important role in the healthy functioning of nerves and muscles, while potassium, an electrolyte mineral, can assist in regulating the body’s water balance, which is essential to healthy nerve and muscle functions. MSRP: $19.95 for a 6.4-ounce container (30 servings)


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