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CELEB DIETS: Sushi as a CHEAT Meal...

 photo via Instagram

It was quite a while ago when we perused the Social Media of a one Demi Lovato and found that she considered sushi as"cheating" on her way of eating. Now recently we've found that Actor the Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson enjoys huge platters of sushi & rols--usually on Sundays. The Rock also goes so far as to use the hashtag #CheatMealSunday but is sushi REALLY a "cheat"? After all there some benefits to fish, veggies and rice--aren't there?


After a bit of research, we found that sushi is actually low in saturated fat and high in protein which makes it a wise option, particularly for those into say, bodybuilding or wrestling. This cheat meal actually keeps your waist trim and offers several other super nutritious compounds. Salmon & Mackerel contain high quantities of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fats.Additionally, the seaweed in sushi  offers is also helpful. Nori, the outer wrap of sushi is a staple in Japan. Nori offers low calories and high nutrients including A, B6 & C vitamins, also iodine is present a needed mineral. It has also been found that “proteins” in seaweed may reduce blood pressure and increase heart health.