STYLE:  The Inaugural Hamptons Jewelry Show 

An early highlight of the Opening Night Preview was meeting Hamptons Art Show Founder Rick Friedman. Friedman , a longtime supporter of art and the art world was very open in revealing on his intentions to bring the “art show” concept to the world of jewelry—and so he did!


The inaugural Hamptons Jewelry Show featured several first bespoke level Jewelry's who were not accustomed to the trade show experience—this was a GOOD thing. Being open to the public the event allows both experienced buyers as well as those new to fine or high-end jewelry to peruse what was being offered without feeling as though there were attending an industry trade show. Meaning retail is “on”no wholesale only warnings.


Standouts included: Manhattan basedby-appointment-only jeweler Alexandra Mor. Whose recent return from years of living in Bali lends to memorable pieces such as a Balinese inspired necklace made of semi-precious stones. Pinner a bespoke Jewelry 


Lastly, we’re stunning Objects D’Arte. For those seeking  stunning home decor to be envied by many, there were Alexander Calder styled mobiles by Woodstock Mobiles-hand-crafted by a mother and son team from Woodstock.  Those looking for vibrant ornate works headed for the hand-blown glass mirrors bowls etc. designed by Abby Modell. 

Left to Right: Jewelry Display by The Collection Hamptons Jewelry Display by Pinner, Rings by Alexandra Mor, Hand-blown glass bowls by Abby Modell, Jewelry Show Founder Ric Friedman



*photos by A-List Diet & Fitness

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