Pause Well-Aging Energizes Sleepy Skin with Fascia Stimulating Tool

March 29, 2020

Pause Well-Aging's science-based skincare is skincare at its best. Sparked by a hot flash created by science, it's skincare for all three stages of menopause. Ready to energize your sleepy skin?  The Pause Well-Aging Fascia Stimulating Tool will help you meet that goal.  Hormones are at the heart of skin's intrinsic aging process. Estrogen, when abundant sends a signal to our fibroblasts to  produce collagen.  The fibroblasts, located within the fascia connective tissue, crank out fresh collagen which gives our skin plumpness, thickness, hydration and radiance. But with estrogen levels dipping and diving during the stages of menopause, the signal doesn't get through, and fibroblasts settle in for a snooze that makes us sag. 


Time to wake up those fibroblasts!  The Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool, an FDA-cleared Class I medical device, is engineered to stimulate fibroblasts with a technique based on physical therapy modality (IASTM, or Instrumental Assisted Soft Tissue  Mobilaztion} that remodels scar tissue. Gentle stroking with The Tool for just five minutes a day may reboot your collagen production, support cell turnover, and improve blood flow to deliver nutrients to your skin.


Fascia-nating right? You can find a video demonstration on how to use the TOOL at

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