Salthaus: Your Gateway to Wellness

June 14, 2019


 No matter if you're just starting your wellness journey or well into your mind, body, spirit travels, Halotherapy or dry salt therapy as it's commonly known, should definitely be on your bucket list of treatments to try.  Although relatively new in the United States, Halotherapy that makes use of breathing salt, dates back centuries to the salt mines and caves in Eastern Europe.  Salt miners as opposed to other miners rarely had any respiratory issues and also looked younger due to great skin appearance.  In 1843, Dr. Felix Boczkowski after studying the effects of salt on miners published his findings in "About the Breathing of Salt Dust".  Dr. Boczkowski, who was not only a great doctor but also a very smart businessman, opened the first health resort facility at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland in 1839. 


Fast forward to September 2018 when co-founders Amber Berger & Stefanie Ruch introduced

Salthaus to the Upper East Side of NYC.  Salthaus is an urban oasis of modern salt rooms that offer halotherapy treatments that are 100% natural and benefits that can be life changing. 


 Using modern halogenerators dry pure salt crystals are crushed, grinded, and cut into precise micro-particles which are released by a blower apparatus that allows salt to quietly drift into treatment rooms thru vents thereby circulating dry, salty air to recreate the micro-climate of a salt cave. The salt reaches the deepest part of your lungs to absorb bacteria, pollutants, and provide an anti-inflammatory effect.


With Salthaus 45 minute sessions you come dressed as you are--no special changes needed.    Expect to sit comfortably & mindfully breathe dry salty air. Children can play on the Himalayan salt floor with everybody experiencing dry salty air in a natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial & anti-viral zone. (For more on what to expect on your visit click


 Aside from getting the benefits of inhaling and exhaling the healing effects of salt, Salthaus also offers a social setting that allows you to engage in wellness along with family, friends, and colleagues.  There's events and classes, and you can schedule business meetings, girls night out, etc.--all while resetting, restoring and revitalizing. There's wall charts with techniques on how to breath in order to better relax and get greater benefits; Salthaus is a social wellness experience--a destination that allows you to get those same feelings we get after spending a day or days at the beach only better because you also get super healing benefits of improved health and well-being.



*   Dry Salt Therapy reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue and provides overall wellness.


Treats allergy symptoms making breathing easier & alleviating sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath.


 Strengthens immune system alleviating symptoms of many respiratory conditions


  Improved physical fitness & endurance, boosts athletic recovery


  Improve skin conditions prolonging flare-ups & remission times.



Visit for more on pricing, events and classes.


*photos by A-List Diet & Fitness








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