Supermodels are Super Fit: These Christmas Eve Instagrams Have us Shook!

December 26, 2018

Whatever you may have been busy doing or ins some cases "not" doing on Christmas Eve if you'de come uncovered what we had would you have been motivated? As we crossed our ts and dotted our is and finished wrapping our final gifts. We sat back on our sofa over a nice cup of warm cider, ok, we may be exaggerating just a tad it was a glass or red wine--and caught up on a bit of social media. What was everyone in the world up to? What part of the globe were they celebrating in? Looks like Supermodels, all around, were having their greatest uh....workouts! WHAT? That's right workouts. We found Victoria Secret Supermodel Izabel Goulart hitting a yoga stance in an elf hat with a male counterpart (see photo above) from the rocky crags of Fernando de Noronha, a volcanic archipelago in Brazil. Was it a recent shot? Apparently, it was, the lower left corner date stamped read Dec. 24th.


 Moments later we landed on the Instagram page of Estee Lauder Model Hilary Rhoda who made sure to mention it was Christmas Eve for her as she got in a sweat session before heading out and up to here in-laws in Toronto. We were FLOORED--a  neatly choreographed total body aerobic workout "for one" performed to the sounds of Michael Jackson's Scream. Rhoda was looking trim, happy & energetic.


Suddenly the wine were consuming seemed quite un-important it felt...passe.  We squirmed feeling  a bit heavy in our seats and certainly no longer considered eating the Vegan cherry pie we'd bought.


A perfect New Year's resolution then came to mind.  What was it? EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE especially on holiday eves--its a great way to kick off the festivities and feel like you haven't broken routine. Thanks ladies and Merry Christmas!


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