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We Tried VeganSmart Organic Protein Powder and this is what We Found

October 28, 2018


So many people are fans of rich decadent desserts that it stands to reason a simple Chocolate Fudge as a protein powder would be a WINNER.  We recently tried VeganSmart Organic Protein Powder in Chcolae Fudge and were impressed overall  with the smooth rich taste.  VeganSmart Organic Protein Powder is an organic protein powder made of pea protein isolate, a great source of clean and innovative nutrition for low-carb dieters, vegetarians, vegans, children, and athletes and anyone needing EXTRA protein in their diet.


If you need a delicious  boost to your already healthy diet this is a fair choice. It is not  a protein powder  meant to be used as to be a meal replacement  like some others but it does  enhance your existing way of eating.


Most importantly, VeganSmart Organic Protein Powder has a unique amino acid profile that includes 9 essential amino acids--good for bone, muscle and  connective tissue.  This powder has NO Acesulfame K, artifical sweetners, flavors, colors , or preservatives, NO MSG, soy, is gluten free, NO egg, dairy or yeast.



This is what we found, see our breakdown below:



Taste: Decadent, sweet but not “too” sweet. Vegan Smart Organic Protein Powder is sweetens with 


Texture: Even, making for a thick and creamy drink, in other words you don’t ha e to 


Nutrition: Pea protein is I the only protein source listed —so no plant based blends here. Total amt. of protein is 20g per serving There could be a bit more of the major vitamIns for our needs  but as stated above VeganSmart Organic Protein Powder is not meant to a meal replacement.


Suggested Use: We recommend a smoothie made of 1 cup of unsweetened of chilies Almond milk.l, 1 medium or large banana , and one scoop (serving) of Chocolate Fudge Organic VeganSmart Protein Powder blend in blender, Nutribullet or Nutri Ninja.



VeganSmart products are available on Amazon




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