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EXCLUSIVE: Mark Sisson Raises the Bar on Paleo with Primal Kitchen Products & Philosophy

November 27, 2017


A recent drive out to Malibu, CA to the home of Paleo Expert/Keto Reset Diet Author Mark Sisson yielded an exciting and inspiring evening. The early November evening, entitled Endless Summer BBQ, celebrated the success of Sisson's latest book as well as his uniquely flavorful Primal Kitchen paleo condiments and products. Before attendees were treated to a complimentary session of yoga with Vegan Author and Blogger Jordan Younger, Sisson a former triathlete, thanked everyone for their support welcoming them to the evening ahead (see video above).


While many enjoyed paleo wine courtesy of Dry Farm Wines and other potables, a few stole away time for Sisson to sign copies of his latest New York Times best selling book-- the Keto Reset Diet.  It was during this time, that we spoke with the expert, one on one, to find out more about his paleo lifestyle philosophy and how that philosophy has contributed to years of youthful living and his industry success.


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ALDF: What's NEW in the world of Paleo for you and what is this evening all about?


MS: "The new book the Keto Reset Diet just came out only a month ago, but the  Primal Kitchen food products which are basically sauces, dressings, and toppings are made of avocado oil, the healthiest of all the possible ingredients you can choose for these sorts of dressings--the idea behind them is to create flavor sensations so that when you dress a salad  you can put as much of the dressing on as you want and not be concerned about the healthfulness of it. Literally, the MORE you put on your salad the healthier it is.




ALDF: Tell us what your transition has been like over the years from fitness to diet. Why is diet &  particularly Paleo important you? 


MS: "I realized pretty early on that 80% of your body composition happens as a result of how you eat not how much exercise you do. So for the longest time I thought that I was creating the body I wanted and the level of fitness entirely from exercise, then I realized that most of it was diet and the way we train our body to become good at burning fat and be good at building muscle instead of tearing muscle down through diet. That's really what shifted everything in my life and put me in the direction of figuring out ways in which we can uncover these hidden genetic secrets that we all have."


ALDF: Why Paleo & not Vegan?


MS:  "If we look at the history of humanity there's never been a culture that's thrived on a vegan diet. Humanity has always had some form of animal protein  whether it was eggs or whether it was insects--there's always been some form of animal protein in the human diet. So when I look at the best ways to manifest a strong, neat, fit, happy, healthy productive body, I look to evolution and I look to the modern genetic science to see how we can turn on the genes to build msucle and turn off the genes to store fat, and it looks like that's an easier approach when you add some meat to your diet."



ALDF: Why is Collagen important to the body and how much Collagen do you consume yourself?


MS: "Collagen is the most prevalent form of protein in the body. Skin, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, cartilage that's all made of collagen and we don't get much in our diet unless we're consuming bone broth or unless we're consuming the nether parts of animals (humans) don't get much collagen. You can't get collagen from a plant based diet for instance, so collagen is huge. In my case, as I got older I found that I was losing mobility and  pliability, flexibity in my tendons and I started supplementing with collagen and found that I could restore that.  So I take between 20-40 grams of collagen a day."


ALDF: What is Primal Blueprint and why should we know about it?


MS: "Primal Blueprint is a template for living an awesome life , it's a template for achieiving fitness and health through diet, exercise, sleep, sun exposure, play, avoiding traumatic incidents. It is an entire lifestyle that is designed to allow the user to extract the greatest amount of enjoyment, fulfillment, pleasure, contentment possible from every moment."


ALDF: What can you give us as a  "takeaway" that keeps you youthful--makes you different from the norm?


MS: "I hang out with people who THINK young, whether or not they're young, I hang out with  a lot of young people--even if they're not young, if they think young then their my kind of people."


For more on Mark Sisson click here. For more on the Primal Kitchen family of products click here





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