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Why the Waterpik Water Flosser Cannot be IGNORED



The latest Waterpik product has arrived-- the Waterpik Cordless Advance Flosser is here ! Whether at home or away your dental hygiene can remain a top priority.  Just because you are traveling, you do not have to sacrifice good oral care. With the Waterpik® Cordless Advanced Water Flosser, you can Water Floss anywhere in the world with a clinically proven portable Waterpik Water Flosser that is just as powerful as a full-sized unit.- The new Cordless Advanced was created to be the best and most innovative cordless water flosser yet. Advanced features include a new 4 hour rapid magnetic charge system, an extra-quiet design, electronic pressure control system with 3 settings, 360-degree tip rotation, and an easy-to-fill reservoir with 45 seconds of water capacity. Since the unit is completely waterproof, it can be used in the shower as part of your normal daily routine. The Waterpik® Cordless Advanced Water Flosser is available in four colors and retails for $99.99.


 Still unsure?  Check out the facts below on water flossing:


Water Flossing reached further below the gumline than string flossing. While string flossing can reach about two inches below the gumline, Water Flossing can reach up to six inches below the gumline


 If used incorrectly, string floss can cut gums and cause them to bleed. Water Flossing is gentle on the gums and provides less irritation


Water Flossing is clinically proven to be up to 50% more effective for improving gum health, up to two times as effective for improving gum health around implants and up to three times as effective for removing plaque around braces versus using string floss. 


Water Flossing is ideal for anyone with braces, implants, crowns, bridges or veneers. 


The pulsating water action of Water Flossing helps stimulate the gums and increase blood flow, improving overall gum health.












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