Sun Warrior gives NEW Meaning to the word Scoop!

So you say your sooo very tired of "losing" the scoop when you vie into your protein powder? Be it morning, mid-day or night, for anyone who has ever purchased protein powder before…I'm sure we can all agree that DIGGING for the “MIA” scoop (and getting protein powder under our nails in the process) is a frustrating reality.  At long last there is a solution to the problem– fitness buffs rejoice!


The team at Sunwarrior, a plant-based health food company based in southern Utah, knows of this frustration (personally and by way of customer feedback)…and is the first-ever protein powder company to do something about it!  They have innovated, produced, and patented a flip lid, equip with a collapsible scoop that affixes to the inside of the lid, completely eliminating the need to “go digging.”  That’s right…the scoop will always be right there, on the back of the lid, ready for your “dig free” use. Check it out for yourself via the video below.


PS.  The new lid/scoop will shortly be found on all types, sizes and flavors of Sunwarrior protein, including Illumin8, Warrior Blend, Classic Protein and Classic Plus.





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