Ajune Spa Helps You Say Goodbye to Dull Winter Skin

February 26, 2016


 Ready to get rid of your dull Winter skin? Ready tor a healthy glow and a more youthful appearance all around? Dr. Mauro Romita, the Upper Eastside, NYC Plastic Surgeon (whose Fifth Avenue office sees its fair share of those seeking to improve their physical appearance)  has established a "unique holistic program to deliver a seamless blend of science and aesthetics via his Ajune Spa.  According to Dr. Romita "Ajune is, by far, the most comprehensive anti-aging and beauty resource center in New York City. When you leave Ajune pampered, relaxed and refreshed, the world looks infinitely better and so do you." 


So we put Ajune to the test and found that not only was Dr. Romita's Fifth Avenue spa is a true "hidden treasure"-read on....



Upon arrival we were beyond excited that Ajune, The Center for Beauty Synergy, would be providing our facial. If you are looking for a perfect start to clear healthy and velvety smooth skin--the Extreme Clean Facial is for you. In just about an hour we were transported into a true inner sanctum of pure relaxation.


Olga, a licensed Esthetician  whose been with Ajune for well over 10 years, was  attentive, caring and  most importantly HONEST--no holding back- she provided the best facial for not only my skin type but for the time of year. My skin by the way is combination--which is common for many women.



The facial given was the Extreme Clean which included:

Deep extractions


Collagen Mask




After a careful inspection of my skin which was as dry as a desert from not only the weather but- wait for it- soap, Olga got to work. Olga first removed all traces of makeup and then by sloughing off the upper layer of my face via micro dermabrasion immediately exfoliates the skin and leaves it smooth and even. 


Following the micro dermabrasion was a  was a gentle steam to open the pores and to prepare the skin for extractions--squeezing out any blackheads or whiteheads that may be present. Once this task was complete and the slight pain subsided an ultrasound like high frequency wand was used to close the pores. 


The final step? A much needed collagen mask to restore moisture to my skin. The shoulder massage and care to the décolleté was super relaxing. Once the collagen mask was wiped away with damp cloths Doterra's Melaleuca oil was applied.



Doterra, a therapeutic brand essential oil was suggested to keep my somewhat confuse skin smooth and hydrated


***Micro dermabrasion could be substituted with a Glycolic Peel depending on your particular skin


For information on Ajune Medical Spa visit www.myskinmdny.com/ajune/

For information on the services of Dr.Mauro Romita visit www.skinmdny,com


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