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Simply Gum Hits Luxury Fitness Studios

February 10, 2016


Simply Gum, maker of the premium all natural chewing gum, is gaining popularity among high end fitness studios across, guess where?  New York City.

As gum helps people quickly freshen up after a workout when they may be on the go, and because Simply Gum is devoted to using only clean and simple ingredients, it's no wonder its products are becoming a fast favorite among fitness and wellness devotees.

This January, Simply Gum has partnered with an array of trendy fitness studios including CYC, ModelFIT, Revolve, Exhale, and the Row House to surprise and delight clients with a complimentary pack on their way out of class. The brand has already obtained tremendous feedback from these studios and is developing a loyal following in NYC.

"We're thrilled to see Simply Gum becoming a workout must have in the fitness community," said Caron Proschan, founder of Simply Gum.

As consumers work hard to maintain their New Years resolutions, cramming workouts into their busy routines, Simply Gum has become a go to item that allows workout fans to freshen up between the gym and the office or appointments.  Both refreshing and subtly sweet, the brand is seeing loyalty from consumers who see its gum as a key ingredient into smoothly working in a workout.


Not in New York City? You an always but online. Click here for more.

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