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Avanca's First Wireless Sports Headset is a Fashion Must Have

 Dutch brand Avanca, the second fastest growing technology company in the Netherlands, introduces the D1 Switch Headset, a headset for anyone who wants to look fashionable during a workout. The ultra-light and wireless D1 Switch Headset has a unique color system and features covers on the earbuds that can be switched to make the headset match with virtually any outfit. The innovative headset easily connects to any smartphone, tablet or other mobile device through Bluetooth or NFC, thus removing the need for annoying cables that get in the way during a run or gym visit. The D1 Switch Headset is the second release in the D1 Headset line of Avanca, after the popular D1 Sports Headset with fixed covers. Avanca launches a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo starting Wednesday, December 9 and aims to raise at least 50,000 dollars to finance the product development of the D1 Switch Headset.




The idea to create the D1 Switch Headset was born after talking about theAvanca headsets with sport bloggers and fans of the brand. “We work closely with top bloggers such as Laura Brijde (Runninglau), Ashley Samwel(Girslovehealthy) and Daisy Oppelaar (iLoveHealth). The reviews and feedback from their blogs, combined with input from our own community, showed us that fashion, technology and sport are no longer separate worlds,” explains Nathalie van Wijkvliet, marketing director at Avanca. “The days of going for a run in your old baggy sweatpants are over. We see an increasing number of men and women paying attention to their sports outfits. Collecting headsets in different colors however, is still a bridge too far. The D1 Switch Headset offers a perfect solution to those who want to be fashionable and sporty at the same time.”


 With a weight of approximately three match boxes and an extremely flexible design, the D1 Switch headset offers 100% freedom of movement. The headset produces a high quality stereo sound while listening to music or audio coaching. Three sizes of in-ear tips allow users to adjust the headset to their comfort preference. Skipping songs, changing the volume and even answering incoming phone calls can all be handled through the compact control panels located in the earbuds. The rechargeable battery offers 6-8 hours of audio time, so even running a marathon is no problem at all with the D1 Switch Headset!


The D1 Sports Headset with fixed covers, available for immediate shipping, will also be offered at Indiegogo. Anyone who is interested in an early bird offer can sign up at this page to stay updated.

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