The 2015 Healthy Brand Showcase Ends Summer on a High Note!

September 6, 2015

Coco Libre Coconut Water & Coco Libre Protein Water Coconut 


Always a "fave" for industry insiders (and the brands who love them is the Healthy Brand Showcase.  The 2015 Healthy Brand Showcase took place, Wednesday, September 2 from noon – 8 pm at the Roger Smith Hotel, offering demos and samples of new and established brands to industry insiders and celebs.


                                              Charlie Crystle of Lancaster Food Co.


A-List Diet & Fitness was introduced to some amazing products this year - products that ranged from skincare to several healthy food options to a selection of DIY room sprays.


Standouts included: Vega Essentials,  Yuve Nutritional Shake; Coco Libre Coconut Water & Coco Libre Protein Coconut WaterLancaster Food Co. (Organic Sliced Breads/Organic Spreads/Seasonal Salas & Jams)Hyatt Regency's Cheseapeake Bay's (Sago Spa & Salon); Harvest Soul Organic Chewable Juice & FXP Fitness.



Simply 7 Snacks


The majority of brands were manned by the owners or CEOs of the companies themselves, and with the personal touch often being present, we met Lancaster Foods Co. CEO Charlie Crystle. Crystle (see photo above) gave a passionate explanation not only of his super healthy all natural bread line--which offers two  vegan options, but of his company itself which has adopted the practice of hiring people out of poverty into thriving wage jobs. Lancaster & Co, often starts employees at as much as $14 per hour or more.


Sam Basilio & Lola Sherunkova


Lola Sherunkova, Co-Founder of Yuve (see photo above) was also particularly descriptive in not only her company's history, but in the multiple uses of Yuve, including everything from traditional protein shakes to sweet treats. Yuve is a high-protein, dairy-free/soy-free, plant- based protein powder that tastes great. 


Look for more on many of the above mentioned healthy standouts on our  EAT THIS: DRINK THIS tab.

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