CrampsAWAY the Latest for Prevention of Muscle Cramps

Ready for the first instant and all natural way for athletes to relieve and prevent muscle cramps? CrampsAWAY™ is here.  The brand has launched  an Indiegogo campaign to help athletes all around the world. CrampsAWAY™ offers the greatest advancement in sports nutritional science since 1965 when Gatorade was introduced, and it is the only product known to instantly alleviate painful cramps for athletes.  It's manufactured, packaged, and tested in the USA; it is made of all-natural ingredients and has been tested to be free of banned substances by the leading third-party international testing authority—giving both amateur and professional athletes everywhere the peace of mind to use it with confidence


“CrampsAWAY offers a unique ‘backdoor hack’ to your body’s natural fight or flight system that resets your body’s neuromuscular pathways and releases muscle cramps,” said Jack Little, CEO of CrampsAWAY. “We’ve created a formula that blows away conventional wisdom which holds that muscle cramps occur because of a lack of electrolytes or hydration. We look forward to building our brand with college and professional athletes as well as amateur ‘weekend warriors’ throughout the world.


CrampsAWAY brings old-school cramps treatment into the 21st century, giving athletes fast-acting relief without the over consumption of electrolytes and fluids. Packaged in a small, rugged packet, athletes can easily take CrampsAWAY on the go to prevent or alleviate the pain of a muscle cramp. With over three years of research and testing, CrampsAWAY scientists have debunked traditional thinking about muscle cramps and developed a patent-pending formula that resets neuromuscular connections, stopping cramps and also preventing them from returning. As an estimated 50 percent of the population will experience a cramp at some point in their lifetime, CrampsAWAY can provide relief to any and all muscle cramps. It can be used by athletes participating in any sport-related activity, including football, basketball, running, soccer, swimming, tennis, triathlons and more. 


CrampsAWAY’s mission is to bring pain relief to the world, especially people suffering from painful muscle cramps that keep them from peak performance. Currently being used by leading Division 1 college sports teams, CrampsAWAY’s instant activation and cramp prevention formula assures athletes will be cramp-free during their next big sporting event. CrampsAWAY is already giving athletes the confidence to achieve their highest potential without the fear of cramps stealing their victory! 


Those seeking the competitive advantage that CrampsAWAY provides can pre-order the product on Indiegogo. Click here for more.

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