Forte High-Protein Gelato is your NEW Favorite Dessert





So, your cutting back on dessert? Now's not  the time! We've just found YOUR new favorite dessert  and it's delciiously high in protein to boot. When it comes to getting protein some people will do just about anything to get it--protein powders, egg whites, tofu, fish, lean meat but what if your favorite dessert  was rich in flavor and high in protein? Would 15 grams per serving be enough, Forte High Protein Gelato offers just that. Forte's High Protein Gelato is essential for growth, immunity, muscle strength, recovery and overall quality of life. Forget the few high protein ice creams on the market that you may have heard of as many contain  only 6 grams of protein on average--you wont find a better deal anywhere.


Why Gelato?


Gelato starts out with a similar custard base as ice cream, but has a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of cream and eggs (or no eggs at all). It is churned at a much slower rate, incorporating less air and leaving the gelato denser than ice cream.  




Forte, which additionally is high in calcium, is made with rBST-free skim milk and rBST-free cream.  It contains cage free egg yolks instead of stabilizers and is sweetend with organic agave nectar instead of corn syrup. All flavors also contain Fair Trade organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla with Forte vanilla gelato containing a lot of it.







In a Class of Its Own


Forte's speical differences set it apart:

  • Forte is the first and only high protein gelato. Each 4 fl oz. portion controlled cup contais an industry elading 15 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fat and only 160 calories

  • Forte is crafted from only natural ingredients. It is made from a proprietary formula fortified with pure rBST-free milk protein, which gives Forte 5X the protein of traditional gelato  or ice cream and MORE than Greek Yogurt

  • Each serving of Forte contains 45% of the recommended daily value for calcium

Forte has become the go-to dessert for athletes, nutritionists, families, foodies, and healthy lifestyle advocates. Forte markets to anyone looking for a delicious reward who wants to "enjoy life and be strong too."


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