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Rucking! The Newest Fitness Trend has been the Military's Best Kept Secret

Tired of working out alone? Are you fed up with the idea of working out (via a rather monotonous routine) at the gym? It may be time to get into Rucking. Rucking combines both cardio, which is the walking or running aspect, and strength, which is accomplished with the customized weight placed in the rucksack. Whether done at a walking or running pace, rucking targets the heart, shoulders, back, thighs, glutes and calve muscles for a well-rounded workout. Because it is an Active Resistance Training (ART) workout, rucking can be customized to emphasize cardio or strength training. By carrying less weight in a ruck, a person will increase his/her cardio training, focusing on the Active aspect of the workout. Heavier weight in the ruck will focus on Resistance training and muscle building. Every rucking workout can be personalized to meet individual fitness goals.



Here's the Deal


Rucking is the activity of moving with weight in a rucksack (aka backpack) worn on the back.

This little known, now burgeoning fitness craze originated as a military term for marching while wearing gear in a backpack, or rucksack, and is essentially just the activity of moving with weight in a bag worn on the back. It sounds simple and probably recalls grade school days for 

most people, toting around a backpack filled with 20 pounds of books. More than a 

military activity or grade school requirement, rucking has evolved into a social 

fitness trend. The average monthly cost for a gym membership is $55, a rucksack 

only needs to be purchased once and can last for years. Rucking is accessible, 

inexpensive and is done in communities all over the world. 


 The following tips and instructions can help anyone to get started with a rucking 




- To get started rucking, grab a ruck (or a backpack), put some weight in it, 


grab some friends and get rucking. Rucks can be filled with rocks, sand, beer 


or soda cans, sack of flour or anything else found lying around the house.



- Beginners are advised to start at a low weight (10-15lbs) and work toward 


adding more weight with more distance as time goes on. 



- Everyone can ruck; even the most out of shape person can grab a backpack, 


put some heavy objects inside and start to walk. The key with rucking is the 


same as any workout, moderation. Do not try to carry 60lbs for five miles the 


first day out. Set a goal and slowly build toward it.



- Wear comfortable workout clothing that is easy to move in and is 


appropriate for the day’s weather conditions if rucking outside. Select a 


sturdy and supportive pair of shoes, preferably sneakers designed for 


running, walking or cross training.



- Always carry water to stay hydrated while rucking. Even if walking at a slow 


pace by carrying weight on the back, ruckers are putting more stress on their 


bodies than they would be simply taking a stroll around the block.



- The only rules to rucking are: Nobody rucks alone, when in doubt, smiles 


over miles and ruckers encourage each other.




Founded in 2008 by Jason McCarthy, a Green Beret and Ohio native, with childhood best friend Jack Barley of Jacksonville, Florida. GORUCK offers a full range of gear and events based on special operations training and team building. All products are backed by a product lifetime warranty and GORUCK sells its gear primarily to civilians. To date, GORUCK has sold over 25,000 GR1’s to rave reviews. It was even featured in The Punisher, the movie. For more visit the company’s website at






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