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What's the Deal with Protein World's Beach Body Ready Ad?


Looks like this London Underground (subway) ad, which is also on the sides of buses and in other strategic places across the UK, has really ignited a fire for Protein World. One simple question, are you Beach Body Ready? This slogan has tongues wagging over whether or not the perfectly scrumptious figure of the model is even attainable.  Feminist groups view the entire venture as "body shaming" and have vehemently protested, via defacing large scale ads with the hashtag #everydaysexism, and by stripping down to bikini-wear showing their "real life" bodies.


Believe it or not, sources cite that Protein World revenues have actually increased due to the constant chit-chat over this new ad.  Be that as it may, the fire-starter of an ad has now been banned by Brittain's ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), who reportedly received 360 complaints "mostly that it objectified women" says UK 's The Guardian.  The three week ad campaign that runs in the London Underground is due to end soon anyway. Apparently, the bulk of complainants "argue that the ad is offensive, irresponsible and harmful because it promotes an unhealthy body image."


The jury is out in terms of the US, ads have not run here and  are no word on if there are plans to.




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