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YouTube Sensation Cassey Ho Shows the World her Perfect Body!



What exactly is the PERFECT body? We are totally confused as you too may be. After receiving crazy ongoing bodyshaming comments on Social Media, Fitness Blogger/Youtube sensation Cassey Ho of Blogilates fame decided to defy the odds. What odds? The odds that question, how can one possibly be an authority in the fitness industry WITHOUT the perfect body. Here's a video Cassey Ho made to show what she'd look like if she  transformed her body from standard to PERFECT. What would you change?




Published on Apr 16, 2015....


When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Or do you stare at yourself, pinching your fat away, lifting up your butt, pushing in your boobs, wishing you looked like a VS supermodel? It's hard to be content with the shape of your body when people are constantly telling you how fat you are. The backhanded compliments, the mean comments, the cyber bullying - all of this messes with us...and it hurts. What if getting flat abs and bigger boobs was as easy as a click. What if you could stop all the hate and just photoshop yourself right now, in real life? What would you change?



Please share this video to battle body shaming and cyber bullying.




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