Better Than Ever: Breaking the Mold

February 22, 2015

Just like with age, we get better and better, so does the Barneys and Bruce Weber's retail fashion ad collaborations.  Barneys NY and iconic fashion campaign photographer, Bruce Weber are in the moment with their latest Spring 2015 campaign collaboration ‘Better Than Ever.’  Past collaborations have also broken the mold of traditional fashion photography by highlighting subjects with a diversity of age, background, and ethnicity. (See Fall 2014 & Spring 2014).


The game-changing ‘Better Than Ever’ campaign mixes fashion and fantasy to capture gorgeous notable women of a certain age surrounded by doting young men.  The backdrop is a girl-friends madcap weekend getaway to Miami.  The images feature some of the most iconic supermodels from the past 4 decades ranging in age from their late 30s to their mid-60s. 


The notable icons: Christie Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Stephanie Seymour Brant, Pat Cleveland, Veronica Webb, Kirsten Owen, Elaine Irwin, Kiara Kabukuru, Bethann Hardison, and Susanne Bartsch.  All of the ladies give us the attitude we love and possess  levels of confidence that is usually gained through experiences of having lived.


Click here to see each model featured























































































































Photos: Bruce Weber

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