Living the Anti-Aging Lifestyle: You Need a Plan!

January 2, 2015

You've made the decision (resolution) to do the things that will make you (and your life) better in 2015, but how long will you maintain those decisions?

Don't just make resolutions--make a Plan! Everything works better with a plan; you will find things get done, and you're less likely to fall off the wagon.  


There are tons of diet and exercise routines, and endless information to choose from; getting to know yourself is the first step to recognizing which one will be right and fun for you.


I like to start each day with a motto or catchphrase.  Today mine is "You Can -"You Will."


Remember, this is a new year and every day is a new day to be a new you so press on, move forward, don't give up, and stop dreaming that same old story; take action and get yourself a written plan!




*Watch for dates & times to signup for 'Living the Anti-Aging Lifestyle' classes starting in New York City in the next few weeks that will include how to make your own anti-aging plan focusing on fitness and other age-defying strategies & techniques.

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