New Fitness, Beauty, & Health Products on the Market 2014

September 22, 2014

 Recently an exclusive event was held in the heart of Manhattan which led us to some fabulous finds. *Healthy Brands brought together in a  one-day showcase fifteen hot new lifestyle (health, beauty, fitness) brands emerging in the market place today.  We're showcasing 3 of our favorites that you're sure to want too.




REXIST360 - Resistance Bands Training System 

Feel the resistance...get the results! These new-patented resistance bands are one of a kind  power bands that dramatically increase weight loss, strength, speed, and endurance without any aid of weights.  Standout features we love about the REXIST360 Training System:  It enhances and intensifies your current workout and can be used for almost any sport.  The power bands come in multiple strengths with the ability to scale up and scale down while walkinging, running, or training. The bands allow you to use the same amount of time, but with twice the results! Best of all REXIST360 power bands are travel friendly and easy to put on.  Perfect for a workout on the go!



BOARD AND BATTEN  'FARM TO SKIN' -  Skincare Products for Face & Body

What's in your skincare?  With Board and Batten Skincare Products you will  experience and enjoy 'farm to skin' products that come from a countryside of orange groves, green pastures, and cypress-lined clean lakes.  Handcrafted in small batches, the products are designed to nourish and balance your skin.  Board and Batten unique farm to skincare line is created using organic plant oils, cold-pressed extracts, as well as raw honey, bamboo charcoal and fresh goat's milk straight from the serene setting of their farmstead.  As a dual-purpose product, the Board and Batten Cleansing & Conditioning Balm really caught our eye as it both deep cleanses,  and hydrates and mosturizes.  Perfect when there's no time for extra steps in  your beauty routine!



PocketBra - by SherryWinks 

Increasingly women are ditching handbags and choosing to store cellphones, credit cards, money, keys, lip gloss and other personal items in their bras so they can be hands free!   The PocetBra, by SherryWinks, was created to free women from the burden of purses and handbags.   These fashionable, sexy, boutique-quality intimates liberate and empower as the pockets keep your personal items safe, secure and within reach at all times. The SportsPocket is a sports top suitable for any athletic activity, and is  equally freeing, fashionable, and comfortable.


Other notables included:

Choiselle--A new artisanal line of natural bath & body care products consisting of Body Butters, Bath & Body Oils & Lotions.  The luxurious all natural, wild-crafted, certified organic ingredients are produced in small batches, bottled and labeled by hand to ensure quality and freshness.  Acorelle-- The first certified organic perfume available in the U.S. that uses 100% organic alcohol and natural fragrances.  The fragrances are developed based on the science of olfactotherapy--the study of how smell impacts the brain.  The new line is divided into three therapeutic cagegories - Energizing, Balancing and Soothing with each cagtegory including three distinct fragrances.  MOTTO--This is  the first sparkling bottled beverage delivering all the health benefits of Matcha Green Tea.  Matcha is one of nature's most powerful sources of vitality and wellness, made into a green powder by stone-grinding green tea leaves.  It promises to raise your spirit, refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body.


*Healthy Brands Showcase took place at the Roger Smith Hotel, September 3, 2014


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