MODEL FITNESS:  Karlie Kloss Hits the Barre & Izabel Goulart Prepares to Run

Two of the world's hottest and fittest Supermodels are showing millions how its done when it comes to fitness being FIRST in their lives. Karlie Kloss via Adiddas and Izabel Goulart with Nike.


Karlie Kloss is one of our favorite supermodels, one of whom we thought we knew nearly everything about, but it wasn't until recently we found that she is truly more than super--she's an Adidas Woman. She works out alone or often with a trainer--embodying Female Empowerment at its BEST.


Grabbing the attention of millions logging onto the @AddidasWomen Instagram page Kloss stretches her long lean body via barre workouts. Strong, athletic, fearless Kloss works her muscles in a variety of ways including working with a weighted ball. On her personal page, the supermodel is seen jumping rope among other things--a super-active move to rev the heart rate.


Brazilian Beauty Izabel Goulart is tied to Nike as one of its Brand Ambassadors. Goulart loves to run and though she has little time early in the day runs at night. Its no surprise she was captured in the accompanying photos performing warm up/pre-run stretch by  moonlight. Goulart admits to not only being an avid runner, but to practicing " yoga, functional and stength training, pilates and kickboxing."


photos of Karlie Kloss  & Izabel Goulart via Instagram

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