GALLERY: Jazzy Things Presents Amplify Retreat Social Media Passport Sponsored by Kroeger, The Nursery by Southwinds, Irvine, CA--June 8/9 2018



It was a grand two days for Southern California influencers to participate in an extremely inspiring, positive, and uplifting experience at The Nursery by Southwinds in Irvine on Friday June 8 & Saturday June 9 2018.  Jasmine Schmalhaus, author of nearly a dozen simple and healthy cookbooks, presented the Amplify Retreat Social Media Passport along with title sponsor Kroeger.


The event was a sincere opportunity to "Amplify" one's life --to connect, nourish and grow.  Beyond enjoying delicious, specially curated meals courtesy of Triscuit, Morningstar Farms, Tazo, and Snapple attendees were surrounded by positivity and like-minded chroniclers.  Attendees not only mixed and mingled as they nibbled but created vision boards, completed goal-setting/gratitude exercises, made jewelry and talked shop on a number of lifestyle topics including learning new "Jazzy Things" recipes.


Influencers departed the 2-day journey with a deeper understanding of their Social Media craft as it relates to the products presented. Connect, nourish, grow the unbiquitous theme of the weekend were inspiring words that tied together the bonds created by the influencers in a unique and promising way.


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Left to right: Atmosphere, Jasmine Schmalhaus speaking to attendees, View of  Day One Dinner, Atmosphere,

Jazzy Things Signage, Day 1 lunch sponsored by Triscuit, Morningstar Farms Veggie burger, Influencer Havilah Vashti Smith w/ veggie burger, Influencer Amy Ha, InfluencerTia Walker, Actress Tamela D'Amico, Personal Trainer Brittany Noelle


photos by A-List Diet & Fitness

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