HOT TOPIC: Fitness in the time of Corona

Living through a worldwide pandemic can be a very scary thing. Unsettling and uncertain at 45 and counting days into COVID19 many have found relief in their fitness routines and that includes our favorite celebs. Social media is teeming with fresh new candids of the latest ab crunch, rope roll, yoga pose and more--to top it off it seems to all be for REAL. Well except for a recent questionable video by the continuingly svelte Britney Spear things look pretty clear cut.


We've found the following: Actress Tracee Ellis Ross sweating to Tracy Anderson Method; NBA star Lebron James doing a number of core moves, TV Host Brooke Burke giving outdoor mat class to target all your troubled areas and MORE. 

Are you working out yet or what?


photo via Brooke Burke's Instagam
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