HOT TOPIC: DIET: Chrissy Teigen Enjoys Late Night Spaghetti in Cannes! 



When a celeb food pic goes VIRAL you know that MILLIONS  and millions suddenly relate.


Looks like someone was SUPER hungry after a night out in Cannes recently!! Yes, Supermodel Chrissy Teigen has veered away from her pledge to enjoy a carbon-less summer. The caption under her sultry somewhat culinary snapshot reads Eating some spaghetti after the @Dailymail and @Mailonlineyacht party #seriouslypopular#goodnight


Late night carbs? We werren't surprised! The Sports Illustrate Supermodel has a penchant for noodles as we've reported previously.


Let's just say for now, one our our fave supermodels is OFF of her carb-less diet....














Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

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