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HOT TOPIC: DIET: A-List Diet & Fitness Founder Shares Tips for Natural Eating for Natural Beauty 


With so many diets and ways of eating out in the diet & health realm the term "eating natural" has become superfluous.  A-List Diet & Fitness Founder Tia Walker, the celeb blogger and fashion writer is a longtime holistic nutrition advocate believes in eating natural but with a twist---for natural beauty.  Looks like she loves hitting her social media followers on Instagram & Twitter with doses of plant based, vegan & pescaterian love.


These days Walker has ditched the long locks for a short do and little makeup to match her healthy diet--claiming "natural eating for natural beauty." "I eat for longevity and to feel AMAZING, I had a health scare in 2008 and it caused me to re-assess eating, now I'm mostly plant based, macro-biotic with a little fish thrown in here and there. I try to eat to stay as young looking as possible-nothing to decay the inside--no caffeine, alcohol etc. Therefore you look younger, leaner, and stronger... longer."


Here's a few of her FAVES shared with her followers


Plant Based: Vega Clean Protein--Smoothie


Vegan:  Enjoy Life Foods Pancake/Waffle Mix; Amande Yogurt 


Pescaterian: Wild Salmon or Cod




















Tia Walker via Instagram

Amande Yogurt (Vanilla) w/almonds & Blueberry w/ banana; egg white omelette w/ wild salmon & fresh spinach & tomato via Tia Walker Instagram