CELEBRITY FITNESS: HB FIT: Halle Berry's Fitness Journey Leads her all the way to John Wick 3

It’s been nearly a year now (Spring 2018-Winter 2019)  that  Actress Halle Berry has been chronicling her hardcore yoga workouts and more with trainer Peter Lee Thomas. So now that word is put or should we say the movie trailer is now out we find that all the hard work including martial arts was in prep for the Thriller/Mystery John Wick: Chapter 3.


In fact, if you peep her page constantly--as we do-- you’ll find that in training for the movie she’s been posting both Motivation Monday AND Fitness Friday photos. The range of shots has been not only inspiring but educational as well Berry on a true fitness journey she's set up hashtags that include #PHITTalks (64 posts and counting)  where she talks targeting excess weight after pregnancy, combatting exhaustion as well as 5 go-to exercises, as well comfort zones.  We even found a #HBBeachbody (425 posts and counting)  where there are not only pics of Berry but women from all over the country on their own fitness journeys.


Below are a few our fave posts from Halle Berry's year long fitness journey:



Halle & Peter-Standing Stretch

Yay it’s #FitnessFriday and let’s start the year off by acknowledging the importance of a fitness partner. I challenge each of you to find a workout partner this year that will hold you accountable and support you in reaching your fitness goals. Your partner does not have to be a trainer, but it does have to be someone who is like minded and you both must be willing to push each other to the limit. And join us for today for our first #PHITtalks of 2019 as it’s all about staying healthy, focused and in-sync in your fitness journey. We touch on migraine relief, strengthening the immune system, and the benefits of MCT & CBD. Join us on stories & IGTV for more and have a beautiful #FitnessFriday!!  



Peter and I have been receiving a lot of win / win! Enjoy ️  inquires from you guys about effective core exercises - how to lose that excess baby weight, etc. - Well for this #FitnessFriday, I share a peek into some of my essential core workouts! Check stories as Peter and I demonstrate the kinds of exercises I do to accelerate muscular ab growth in preparation for my next film. What I’ve learned throughout my training this past year is that a strong core supports EVERY other part of your body, and if you’re performing exercises correctly, you’re always engaging your core - now that’s a 



Halle & Peter-Yoga 

If there’s one thing I know about me and @peterleethomas, we LOVE to zen out (above image as a reference  ). We’re getting into true #SpiritAnimal form on this beautiful #FitnessFriday with another episode of #PHITTalks  Join Peter and I as we discuss an intro to meditation, staying focused and present in your practice, incorporating yoga into your workout routines, and the importance of stretching pre and post-workout 🏽 Catch our conversation on stories or IGTV ♥️  


















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