GALLERY:  Mark Sisson's Endless Summer BBQ Hosted by Primal    Kitchen, Malibu, CA--Nov 8, 2017



On Wednesday, November 8th, Mark Sisson, former tri-athlete, Founder of Primal Kitchen and Author of The Primal Blueprint and The Keto Reset Diet opened his Malibu home to a select group of guests for an Endless Summer BBQ. 

The intimate evening allowed guests to experience  a  dedicated yoga class taught by Jordan Younger interspersed with an elaborate spread of Primal Kitchen-inspired salad, hearty appetizers, and Paleo Wine courtesy of Dry Farm Wines--specialty cocktails were also served.

Those not familiar with Sisson's amazing collagen infused products were introduced to his wide range of products which include: snack bars, a collagen protein powder, and a full line of delectable condiments. All attendees received a gift bag full of the aforementioned at the end of the evening.


Noteworthy guests included: Vegan Author & Blogger Jordan Younger, Paleo Manifesto Author John Durant, Pro Golfer Emily Tubert, East Coast Health Blogger Elizabeth Resnick and others.

More on Mark Sisson & his Primal Kitchen products on our EAT THIS: DRINK THIS & Exclusive Interview tabs in the coming weeks.

Left to right: Ocean view;Statue at entrance; Mountain view, Pro Golfer Emily Tubert & Author Mark Sisson & ; Paleo Manifesto Author John Durant; Publisher Tia Walker & Fitness Trainer Peggie Walker; Bartenders of 

for Dry Farm Wines; Attendees of Endless Summer BBQ; Yoga taught by Jordan Younger at Endless Summer BBQ

photos by A-List Diet & Fitness

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