NEWS: Carol Alt Releases Healthy You...In Bookstores Now!

Have you seen her? Ms. Carol Alt, legendary Supermodel of the mid to late 80s and beyond, has got a NEW book out. Recently Carol Alt has been just about everywhere, A Healthy You, where she promises to show you how to boost your energy,  live cleaner ad look and feel younger everyday. Yes, our FAVE raw food enthusiast is showing us how to DO IT! 




In her first fully illustrated lifestyle book, best-selling author Carol shows readers how to approach all aspects of life with energy and vitality—from diet and fitness, to beauty and fashion. Drawing on her years of experience as a raw food advocate and ambassador for a mindful, health-focused lifestyle, Carol guides readers of all ages with simple, effective advice on how to live a more balanced, healthy, beautiful life. She demystifies and takes readers step-by-step through the recipes, regimens, healthy habits, diets, and products—from raw eating to do-it-yourself, chemical-free beauty products—that really work. 

Carol curates the very best advice from her favorite doctors, fitness gurus, dietitians, and the hundreds of experts she’s interviewed on her television show. Never afraid to try the trends that may seem unusual, difficult, or fringe, Carol is devoted to making alternative ideas accessible to everyone. In A Healthy You, she brings readers the best of what she’s found. Filled with practical advice, expert guidance on living a cleaner, greener lifestyle, engaging stories from Carol’s own life, and 150 photos throughout, A Healthy You will inspire everyone to take charge of their health every day, in new and exciting ways.


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