MODEL FITNESS: Doutzen Kroes Stays In Shape through her Kids

Staying in shape via your kids? This supermodel shows us how. Dutch beauty Doutzen Kroes, a supermodel mother of two who apparently never "lost" her sleek figure during the child bearing process, has shared a little secret to staying in shape--her kids! Recently Kroes posted a shot of herself  lovingly frolicking on the beach with her son. The twit pic shows Kroes lifting her son, Phyllon Joy Gorre, above the crashing waves. Why use a 20 kettle bell? When you can get your physical fitness and family time in--all in one shot!


The Hunkmoeller spokesmodel really is "workout" oriented with a stunning sports collection that includes workout clothing and a sexy swimwear line. Check out her pieces by clicking on  the hashtag #Doutzenstories on Twitter.

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