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EAT THIS : DRINK THIS: VeganSmart Organic Protein Powder

The latest plant-based protein is here! Vegan Smart the Organic world's new protein powder now in a variety of NEW flavors including Organic Vanilla, Chocolate,  Organic Wild Berry, and Organic Spice. All are sure to curb any morning, afternoon or evening craving.  These easy to incorporate Organi and vegan powders are easy to add to any meal, drink, smoothie, or bowl and help to satisfy every palette--working t keep you fuller longer and to provide 50% of your daily protein for the day.


No matter the flavor you choose you're getting a serving of a complete protein 'blend' with 5 different non-GMO plant-based proteins, Providing the essential amino acids for building and repairing tissue and muscle. All that and it contains less  than 5 grams of sugar!


AVAILABILITY: Vegan Smart is by Naturade and can be found where Naturemade products are sold