EAT THIS : DRINK THIS: Zaca Recovery Chewable

The ultimate recent discovery, Zaca is a recovery chewable created as a Lifestyle Nutritional Supplement. Why Zaca? Simple, Zaca encourages you to be nice to your body. As recovery supplements go, Zaca is pretty easy to use.  It can be taken on the go and is not a pill,  powder or fluid--but a chewable. Safe and effective, Zaca uses pure ingredients, is GMO free, sugar free, gluten free, and contains no stimulants, no artificial flavors, and BEST of all it has clinically tested ingredients.

HOW IT WORKS: Ideal for use after partying, travelling or exercising Zaca works as follows...

Post Exercise symptoms of fatigue, lack of energy & endurance?  Zaca helps with hydration and fatigue by aiding with Electrolytes


Post Travel symptoms of tiredness, jet lag, immune suppression?   Zaca helps with altitude relief by providing immune support


Post Partying symptoms of liver stress, nausea, headache, dehydration and toxins?  Zaca helps with liver detox by cooling the body down

Is there any reason you shouldn't eat this? We see only positive things here.


DIRECTIONS: Enjoy 2 as needed. If drinking, take 2 with every and 2 before bed.

AVAILABILITY: Look for Zaca online by clicking here or in vitamin and supplement retailers across the US.

For more information on the Zaca product or story visit Zaca's our story.

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