CELEBRITY FITNESS: Britney & JLo--Where'd You Get Those Abs?

Is Las Vegas the NEW workout catalyst for the world's mega-performers? Looks like Planet Hollywood headliners Britney Spears and now Jennifer Lopez have become pure AB machines.

Recently,we spyed Spear's Instagram account where she flaunted her perfectly fit bikini body via video for her fans. Excerpts of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, a song she never did a video for 


As for JLO we spied her in a super sexy neon yellow athletic top and matching bottoms accentuating her toned torso. In the shot she's holding her mobile and phone just so for that perfect selfie.


We're thinking the 4-5 nights per week performance schedule and the early morning workouts each mega-star seems to be doing has payed off in a big way. Lopez has the noticeable lateral cuts on her torso while  Spear's lean hour glass is to die for.


Celeb Trainer Tracy Anderson is credited with working out alongside Lopez while Spear's seems to have commited to a mix of yoga some daysand cardio on others.


























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