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BEAUTY: Say Hello to Reset Yourself Beauty for 2016

As we head into the holidays followed by the New Year. Look into all that's fresh and new for 2016 with Reset Yourself.  Reset Yourself is dedicated to helping you effortlessly demolish your New Year's Resolutions making your plans of world domination (or at least becoming a better you) much easier!

Reset Yourself is your journey towards renewed strength, youth and vitality through advanced wellness systems and products.  The mission is to inspire their clients to take responsibility for their own health and happiness and empower them to make choices that will help them look and feel their best and truly enjoy life. Reset Beauty products contain  no parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, sodium lauryl, sulfate or artificial fragrance, products are not tested on animals.



Reset Yourself Beauty products include: an intensive eye serum, moisturizers, and serums. Check out A-List Diet Fit's  picks faves below...


Pure Firming Essence Serum


A miracle worker for your skin, this powerful, multitasking antioxidant formula soothes, detoxifies and stimulates skin from within to create a youthful, toned and radiant appearance. Intense firming action promotes, glowing, plump skin! Ideal for all skin types. Excellent for sun and environmental damage.



Key Ingredients


• Peumus Boldus Leaf Extract soothes inflammation and helps protect against UV damage. • Resveratrol helps reverse aging effects, protects collagen and promotes skin firmnessand elasticity.• Cassia Betaglycan provides intense hydration to smoothen and plump skin • L-Superoxide Dismutase protects skin from free radical damage• L-Glutathione protects collagen in the skin and helps prevent wrinkles• Spin Trap neutralizes free radicals to prevent cell damage • Fullersomes™ aids in the penetration and protection of actives applied to skin.


SRP: $98.00 30 ml/1oz.


Peach Silk Moisturizer


Don’t be fooled by the delicate, intoxicating nature of this luxurious, ultra-moisturizing cream. It is a powerhouse of intelligent antioxidants that fight free radicals and environmental damage while nourishing and strengthening your skin with vitamins and nutrients. 



Key Ingredients


• Resveratrol and L-Ascorbic Acid, powerful, age-defying antioxidants, brighten, strengthen and protect skin from environmental damage, and stimulate collagen synthesis• Spin Trap, a highly specialized antioxidant, protects tissues from free radical damage• D-Ceramides, lipids that are significant structural components of the skin, plump the skin, lock in moisture and aid in cellular durability• Shea Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil soothe, heal and protect skin from inflammation and redness• Fullersomes™ aid in the protection and effective penetration of active ingredients applied to the skinDeeply moisturizing yet non-greasy formula leaves skin soft and supple. Ideal for normal to dry skin. 


SRP: $58.00 30 ml/1oz.