BEAUTY: Celebrity Favorite Mixed Chicks Launches New Your Hair Story Series Online

Fan and celebrity-favorite (think Halle Berry,Ciara,Nixon Payne & Macy Gray), MIXED CHICKS just launched a brand new blog series, Your Hair Story, that gives its customers and fans a platform to tell their personal hair journeys and how Mixed Chicks has been an integral part of that story.

The innovative and dynamic Your Hair Story series, created by Columbia College Chicago graduate student Desiree Johnson, gives MIXED CHICKS users the opportunity to share their individual stories behind their hair. Whether their hair kinks, coils, curls or waves, each MIXED CHICKS user has an exclusive story that reflects their culture, race, ethnicity, and upbringing. Hair, like MIXED CHICKS’ customers, comes in all shades, textures, and shapes unique to each, and MIXED CHICKS is celebrating that diversity through honest, bold stories in the series.

“Whatever ethnic background or glorious combination our customers are, MIXED CHICKS wants to celebrate their unique and wonderous stories and experiences,” said Wendi Levy, Co-founder of MIXED CHICKS. “With the Your Hair Story series, we are offering a platform for our diverse, passionate fans to share their experiences, and inspire others globally. We want to start a revolution of embracing who they are by beginning with their hair and giving them the confidence to wear it how they want.” 

Readers are encouraged to read and engage with MIXED CHICKS’ lovely women and men who exhibit beauty from the root at Your Hair Story. 

"I wanted to create a platform that intertwined the growing beauty movement that Mixed Chicks showcases with the art of storytelling,” shared creator Desiree Johnson. “This series gives a voice for people to share how this company and their products are directly linked to their daily living. I'm excited to have a series dedicated to the customer and empowers them to embrace their individual selves outside of the status quo for beauty." 

To view the series click here.

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